Liz’s expertise is grounded in 25 years of business innovation, education and marketing, all with demonstrable ROI. Here’s a look at her journey.

Liz graduates cum laude from Yale with degrees in American Studies and Art History. With no clear idea of what to do next, she joins NYC’s dot com boom.
Liz sees her first cheese case in Brooklyn and wonders: How does milk wind up becoming all these different foods?
Liz cold calls Steve Jenkins, cheese guru at Fairway Market, after reading his seminal Cheese Primer. He offers her a job behind the counter. She panics and declines.
After another year in a cubicle Liz can’t shake the feeling that doing meaningful work is critical to happiness and fulfillment. She cold calls Murray’s Cheese and is offered a job behind the counter. This time, she accepts.
Liz takes over Murray’s nascent wholesale business, working with the best chefs in NYC and, eventually, nationally. She delves into sourcing and buying. Restaurant sales explode.

“Whether working with our chefs or teaching classes to our staff, [Liz’s] passion is contagious and has helped us to elevate our cheese program through the years.”

Chef Thomas Keller, The French Laundry and Per Se
Liz oversees Murray’s expanding family of businesses, including e-commerce and education, creating brand-extending experiences for customers beyond the retail counter.
Gourmet Retailer names Liz to its Top 40 Under 40 and she co-authors The Murray’s Cheese Handbook, a first-of-its kind pocket guide to more than 200 cheeses of the world.
Liz is named Murray’s first Vice President.
Liz manages Murray’s groundbreaking licensing partnership test with Kroger, opening branded cheese shops in 3 flagship supermarkets.
Liz’s book The Cheese Chronicles is published, exploring her life in cheese, and an exploration of the burgeoning American cheese industry.

“Liz Thorpe has written a book about American cheese, and it is the best book about cheese you’ll ever read…to the reader who wishes to truly grasp and be exhilarated by the infinite connections between lyric beauty, the beast, the sky, the earth, and people, I cannot more fervently recommend these pages.”

Steve Jenkins, Cheese Legend and Author, Fairway Market
The Kroger test an undisputed success, Liz spearheads the national rollout first to 25, then 50 stores. She is proud to bring better cheese to a broader market.
Kroger acquires 49% of Murray’s and after ten successful years, Liz leaves Murray’s to pursue new projects. She launches The People’s Cheese, a consulting business working with retailers and producers in the specialty food space.
Liz’s second book, The Book of Cheese, is published. It is the culmination of all she has learned, and designed to make cheese understandable and accessible to as broad an audience as possible.

"Liz Thorpe has devised a novel method of introducing readers to the deliciously complex world of cheese... Novices will find the approach easy to follow and encouraging. Enthusiasts and experts will find the depth and breadth of material and insight engaging and valuable."

Kitchen Arts and Letters
The Book of Cheese is selected as a Finalist, International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Reference Book of the Year.
Liz launches Adventures in Cheese, a travel company taking small groups on curated excursions to her favorite cheese destinations across Europe and the U.S.

“Learning about cheese through the wonderful, irreverent Liz Thorpe is a giddy trip.”

Gotham Magazine
Liz works with many of the country’s best known legacy cheese companies as well as numerous disrupters as principal of The People’s Cheese™.
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